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Taina Pereenniemi

Taina Pereenniemi

Taina Pereenniemi helps entrepreneurs create personalized business systems on Notion to keep everything organized in one place.

“I was shocked to find out that I am actually not as busy as I long thought. There’s work, but I am in control of it.”

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Meet Niina

Meet my client Niina, an accountant, who was struggling with her workload before. Her situation was complicated by AD(H)D that made her prone to react to distractions. We set her up with a fully personalized Notion system and routines to stay in control of her time.

Niina’s testimonial

“My situation was such that I played email bingo, or struggled with my work and tasks. Putting out small fires every now and then brought some change and I typically completed tasks just before the deadline. Our little one was constantly sick because of something he got from the daycare and these absences further reduced the little time I had and diminished the feeling of being in control of my work and capable.

I’ve been diagnosed with AD(H)D, which makes managing time and staying focused on a task difficult, although, on the other hand, I stay very focused on anything that I happen to focus on. This did not bother me so much before my son was born, forcing me into a certain day rhythm.

I am very demanding to myself and all this accumulated over many years made me fear I would not make it, not to mention all the critical thoughts I had towards myself.

I was done. I knew I needed help. I had been studying books, watched webinars, tried different apps – but failed to make them work for me.

When Taina told me about this opportunity, I immediately said yes. This is the help I need.

We arranged a kickoff call and an introduction to Notion. Taina interviewed me with some very specific questions to understand and map my situation. Now it was time to organize all the tasks in my email, all the piles of notes, and all the chaos at work. We would build Notion into a system to fit my needs.

Taina asked if I wanted to do this and I said yes. I promised to myself that I will learn this, I will receive this coaching, and do exactly as I am told.

After the initial mapping and zoom calls, we had a framework to start building on. Still I had a say in doing things in a way that felt right for me. Taina has the skill of asking questions that make the answer clear, and this helps clarify things in the very beginning.

Piece by piece we built the Notion system just for me. I could say what I wanted to tweak and express my wishes for the different functionalities. Taina also provided me with recorded instructions on each module explaining how they work, so that if needed I can modifications myself.

I have gotten incredible support, help every day and also some hard questions when I needed them. To unlearn some old habits I have a new everyday inbox zero routine and I don’t even need to open my email in the morning because I know that all my tasks are in Notion. I can set goals, plan my tasks to align with these goals, and I have clear routines for every day. And so many other great things.

I was shocked to find out that I am actually not as busy as I long thought. There’s work, but I am in control of it. I am able to manage my time. I learned it! And that’s something for a grown-up woman like me. I feel capable, productive, and energized. It’s a cliche but that’s how it is.

At the very end of the project, the most important thing became clear to me: This is my time. Once I learn to appreciate it and control my time, no one else is going to take it away from me.

I warmly recommend working with Taina. This journey has been like putting money in the bank and a very empowering experience.”

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