Ready to go from all over the place to being in control of your business?

Let me help you implement a custom business system on Notion to keep everything organized in one place

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Do you have your tasks, projects, and resources all over the place?

Do any of these ring true to you?
  • Your tasks are scattered around various documents and post-it notes, making it hard to know what you should be working on
  • You’re trying to manage your projects in your head – which feels like exploding with all the bits and pieces you should remember
  • You’re afraid to fall asleep at night, stressing about forgetting something important
  • Outsourcing work and collaborating with others is cumbersome to manage
  • You find yourself spending an excessive amount of time repeating the same mundane tasks, thinking ‘there must be a better way…’

You've come to the right place.

Have we met?

I'm Taina.

I help entrepreneurs create their custom business system on Notion to keep everything organized in one place. This can be anything from tasks, projects, and goals to customers, employees, resources, and beyond.

Let’s say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and all over the place and turn you into the CEO you envision to be – in control and ready to scale!

In my work, I draw from 10+ years of experience with corporate strategy, project management, and processes and my love for using technology to organize and streamline work and processes.

When I’m not nerding out with Notion or streamlining workflows, you can find me playing with my two small children or practicing yoga.

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The 6 Key Criteria to Choose the Perfect Work Management Tool for Your Business

This FREE guide describes the key criteria to consider when choosing a work management tool (such as Asana, Trello, or ClickUp) to keep your business organized.

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Do you want to level up your CEO game to scale your business without overwhelm? I can help you implement a work management system you can stick with to keep your tasks, projects, and resources organized.

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Want a business system you can stick with to keep everything organized and help you scale without overwhelm? I can show you how.