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Welcome to your personalized productivity report

If there’s one thing you can be sure of as a business owner, it is that you’re never going to have more than 24 hours in your day.

You have unique skills and offerings you want to serve your customers. But unless you set the right goals, get organized, and prioritize your time and tasks appropriately, you’re going to waste a lot of time hustling without success.

Your ability to build a business that brings you the success and freedom you’re looking for boils down to your ability to manage the precious time you have productively.

This personalized report has been created based on your Productivity Type Assessment (PTA). It gives you targeted advice on your strengths and areas for improvement to become more productive and effective as a business owner.

Your productivity type: The Motorcyclist

The Motorcyclists are known to achieve big goals in a fast and straightforward manner. They love to set ambitious goals and are quick in their movements to find the fastest way to achieve them. The Motorcyclists don’t want to spend too much time on detailed planning but rather decide in the moment on the best approach and strategy.


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Your strong areas

You are highly intentional with your use of time and do everything to avoid wasting it. You know that to effectively grow your business, you need to set challenging goals. Your monthly or quarterly business goals are a key tool for you in prioritizing your daily work. This helps you avoid spending too much time with lower-priority “busy work” (such as responding to emails and DMs) or getting distracted by “shiny objects” that don’t have relevance to your big goals.

Your approach to managing your work is very flexible and you like to keep the processes and systems around your business light. You are usually not afraid to take quick action. You are also able to swiftly course-correct or adjust your approach, which makes you nimble in the face of changing situations.

You push yourself to find the fastest path to results. Instead of striving for perfection, you can distinguish what is really essential to avoid wasting time on unnecessary work. Your clients and partners can trust you to deliver projects on time.

Watch out for these

Although having clear goals are critical to keeping your business on a success track, remember to maintain a degree of flexibility as situations evolve. Regularly review your business goals and projects to see if they are still serving you best. Don’t blame yourself for having to make adjustments – staying nimble is not a failure. Also, avoid striving for too many goals simultaneously. Rather than burning yourself out by spreading too thin, be deliberate about which goals you choose to deprioritize.

Overlooking the importance of systems and processes to manage your business, will likely result in your business backend turning into a mess. Not having systematic ways to organize your information, tasks, and data will cause you to drop balls and lose precious time looking for things – not to mention making it hard to delegate anything effectively. Devoting some time today to properly organize your business backend will likely save you MANY more hours in the future.

Beware of rushing too much. Being too quick to finish things carries the risk of doing your work incompletely or inaccurately. Sometimes taking a step back or giving things some time can yield new insights that bring better results or you might find that something wasn’t worth pursuing altogether

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