The time I thought I had totally failed my client

Taina Pereenniemi

Recently, I was catching up with an old client whose business I had helped organize on a custom system several months ago. To my dismay she DM’d me she barely even opened her system anymore. I felt distraught by this announcement. I actually had trouble falling asleep after her comment, thinking I had really let […]

What is a Notion consultant, and where to find the right one for your business?

what is a notion consultant

Notion is an excellent tool for building all-in-one workspaces for managing and organizing anything for a small business. As a busy business owner, however, you may struggle to find the time to learn Notion and set up your business systems on it. That is where Notion consultants come in. In this article, I’ll discuss what a Notion consultant is and where you can find one.

5 ways business systems save time for busy entrepreneurs

save time for busy entrepreneurs

Being busy putting fires out left and right is not a reasonable excuse for putting off creating better systems for managing your business.

The best way to get ahead of the curve is to start developing systems for managing your work TODAY.

It will take some time upfront, but it will make you more productive and efficient in the long run. Think about it this way: You’ll have more free time in the future.