Ready to go from all over the place to being in control of your business?

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What would it mean to you if everything in your business was organized in one place?

Easy to find, never again having to worry about missing something.

That’s what I want for you!

Notion is a tool that can be used to organize and manage anything from tasks, projects, and goals to customers, employees, resources, and beyond.

So let’s talk what setting up your own custom business system on Notion might look like!

And if you’re already started with ClickUp, Asana, Trello, or something else – even better, we can get you migrated onto Notion in no time!

Have we met?

I'm Taina.

I help service-based entrepreneurs create their custom business system on Notion to keep everything organized in one place. This can be anything from tasks, projects, and goals to customers, employees, resources, and beyond.

Let’s say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and all over the place and turn you into the CEO you envision to be – in control and ready to scale!

In my work, I draw from 10+ years of experience with corporate strategy, project management, and processes and my love for using technology to organize and streamline work and processes.

When I’m not nerding out with Notion or streamlining workflows, you can find me playing with my two small children or practicing yoga.

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Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

What my clients are saying

Valentina Fermanelli, PhD

Valentina Fermanelli, PhD
Laughter Yoga for Agile Teams

“Before working with Taina, my notes were all over the place (flying paper sheets, Google drive, Evernote), my Evernote was filled with 117 workbooks (many of which with only one or two notes inside), I was trying to plan my week based on a list of small tasks; planning was too hard and that’s why I resisted doing it, with the result of feeling inefficient, unproductive and having to work evenings and weekends and always feeling behind because of lack of prioritization and control over my to-do list.

After only one session with Taina, I feel relieved, in control and clearer. Taina is such a pleasure to work with: before working with her, I knew intellectually that I’d better to be more organized in my business, but I did not want to have another boring sets of tasks to do on the top of my work. I was a bit skeptical of discussing my messiness with someone else because of fear of being judged, but Taina made me feel accepted and not alone from step one. With her clear explanations, I realized that systems result in time and money freedom and that planning and having everything in one place does not have to be difficult. I was surprised by how easy and time-efficient the new routine that she designed for me is. I started to implement some of her tips and I already feel much more in control, structured and free now.”