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Notion releases new feature to automatically duplicate page templates

December 02, 20221 min read

Notion recently released a new feature that allows users to duplicate page templates within a database repeatedly.

The feature should be useful for the following instances:

  • In creating an event that repeats regularly within a notes database

  • In keeping track of repeating tasks such as daily or weekly tasks in a shared database of one’s team

  • In keeping track of project updates on a weekly or daily basis with a repeating template.

How can you enable the new feature?

  1. See the existing templates by clicking on the blue arrow on the “New” button.

    Notion app with filter button highlighted. Efficiently manage your schedule with customizable filters.
  2. Hover over the three dots beside a template and edit the template. A new option should appear called “Repeat” which is set to “Off” by default.

    Notion displaying folders and files for easy organization and access.

  3. Select the frequency you prefer.

    Notion templates: Streamline your meetings with professionally designed templates.
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Taina Pereenniemi

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