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5 signs you need better systems to manage your business

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As an entrepreneur, you often need to wear all the hats in your business: Be it marketing, sales, client success, administration… it’s on your desk. And even if you’ve delegated some of this work to team members or contractors, chances are you’ll still be regularly touching upon these topics.

With the number of responsibilities to juggle as an entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon to struggle with chaos and overwhelm.

Luckily, there’s a solution to the chaos: to start developing better systems to manage your business.

Is it time to work on your internal organization by systemizing your business?

In this article, I’ll list 5 common signs you need to start putting in place better systems to manage your business.

5 signs of lacking proper systems to manage your business

5 signs of lacking systems to manage your business
Are your tasks and documents all over the place? You probably need better systems to manage your business.

1. Your tasks and projects are all over the place

Too often, I see entrepreneurs not having their todos and projects scattered everywhere: in notebooks, Google Docs, emails, apps, post-its, in their head…

Then they are constantly distracted, overwhelmed, and don’t know what to prioritize.

2. You’re managing things in your head

When you lack a system you can trust to keep your work and information organized, your thoughts are filled with ALL the things you should remember.

This causes unnecessary stress and mental clutter. For example, you might have trouble falling asleep, stressing about forgetting something important.

3. Outsourcing and delegating hard

Outsourcing and delegating work to others is a great way to free up your time for focusing on your zone of genius.

However, this is impossible unless you have systemized your processes, documented your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and organized your documents and information.

4. You’re inconsistent in sales and client delivery

When you lack systems to manage your leads and sales pipeline, valuable sales opportunities will fall through the cracks as you fail to follow up promptly.

Also, not adequately systemizing your client delivery will result in an inconsistent quality of your services and reduce client satisfaction.

5. You spend an excessive amount of time on mundane tasks

If you keep repeating the same mundane tasks repeatedly, it’s time to ask, “Is there a better way to do this?”. Spending time with tasks that could easily be streamlined, automated, or delegated is not an effective use of your time.

How does a simple system change the situation?

how a simple system makes you more productive
A system you can trust to keep all your work organized and prioritized allows you to focus on growing a successful business and team.

Systemizing your business does not require being a tech wizard or investing in a hundred different tools.

Simple work management tools, such as Notion, ClickUp, Trello, or Monday, are enough to build systems to manage most business operations.

When you start building systems for managing your business, you will see many positive changes take place, such as

  • Finally, having all your work in one place, you can trust to keep everything organized and prioritized.
  • You are staying focused on your most important work without distractions.
  • You sleep peacefully knowing that you’re on top of everything.
  • Your leads and client information are organized and easy to find when needed.
  • You can successfully delegate work to your team.
  • You no longer waste time repeating mundane tasks.

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