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Taina Pereenniemi

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The time I thought I had totally failed my client

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Recently, I was catching up with an old client whose business I had helped organize on a custom system several months ago.

To my dismay she DM’d me she barely even opened her system anymore.

I felt distraught by this announcement.

I actually had trouble falling asleep after her comment, thinking I had really let her down.

I’d put my best effort into designing a set up to help her growing business and team stay organized and streamlined, she’d invested in it, and trusted me to set it up for her.

Having her not use the system we built was the worst outcome I could think of.

Next day, I asked her what had happened.

Well… then it turned out, it was actually quite the opposite happening…

She told me “So many things are up and running now without me touching it which feels SO good.”

Ha, what a relief!

She had been so effective in delegating some of her core processes and tasks to her team that she had been able to almost eliminate herself from the equation 😅.

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