Scale your coaching or consulting business without chaos and overwhelm

With a simple custom strategy and done-for-you systems you can become the CEO you envisioned to be - in control and ready to scale!

Building a scalable business should not feel overwhelming and chaotic.

You are amazing at what you do and you have the qualifications and certifications to prove it. You know you have the power to impact more lives and make a bigger difference.

BUT growing to your next 10/20/50K+ months feels chaotic and overwhelming. The number of bits and pieces to manage is endless and mess just keeps piling up.

You know that in order to be the CEO you envisioned to be, you need more simplicity and flow, better systems to automate and delegate - so that you can achieve your growth goals WHILE living a life of freedom and ease.

I’ve been there. And I can help.

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There are 3 main ways of working with us.

"Simplify & Systemize" Program

Taina's signature program designed for coaches and consultants who want to grow to 10-30K+ months without chaos and overwhelm. Based on Taina's proven 4S Method, the program combines simple custom strategy with done-for-you systems.

Premium Suite for Notion

We help coaches and consultants create an all-in-one system on Notion to organize everything: leads, clients, projects, tasks, documents, notes, client resources, etc.

Notion Consulting

We're the #1 5-Star Rated Notion Certified Partner globally.

Our Notion Certified Consultants help teams of 1-300+ build custom workspaces on Notion to organize all information and work in one place.

Hi! I'm Taina.

I help coaches and consultants build simple and scalable businesses with custom strategy & done-for-you systems.

I've helped 50+ entrepreneurs with their business systems and/or strategy, and run the #1 5-Star Rated Notion Certified Consultancy globally.

When I'm not creating growth strategies or streamlining workflows, you can find me playing with my two small kids or practicing yoga.

See What My Clients Are Saying

Gudrun Mahlberg
Dance Teacher & Somatic Coach

“Immense gratitude to Taina [...] Her meticulous setup, from personalized CEO routines to an innovative Client Portal, has proven to be a game-changer. Converting leads into clients became easy, and onboarding and follow-up are incredibly efficient. Taina's services are invaluable for unmatched organizational efficiency. And, she is such a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her. I got so much time back to be creative and have peace of mind. ”

“If you’re wondering whether, you know, working with Taina makes sense, do it, do it, do it, do it! It has been an absolute game changer. I’ve never felt so secure [...] knowing that every single thing is taken care of. Before a lot of things where just in my head and now I don’t need to remember because they’re actually all there working for me instead of, you know, me trying to make it work.”

Jenny Watzka
7-Figure Business Coach

Missy Toy Ozeas
Energy Intuitive & Transformation Guide

Working with Taina is one of the best investments I've made in my business. Run, don't walk, to hire Taina to help you create ease and efficiency in your business and in your life.”

“I was stressed, overloaded and lost too much time in organizing tasks. But Taina made my dream of a well-organized and informed team come true, thanks to her structural thinking, her clever ideas and her comprehensive know-how. [...] Taina has such a warm and patient manner that my team and I always felt comfortable and understood with every question. I finally have a clear head again and can concentrate on the essentials.”

Julia Marquart

Dein IT Coach

Anni Yli-Lonttinen
Entrepreneur & Marketer

“Before working with Taina, the work and information of our growing business and team was dispersed in too many places, making it difficult to have an overview of what's going on. Taina helped us create a custom system that now makes it so easy to manage all clients, leads, projects, tasks, and processes in one place, making our everyday a whole lot easier. Working with Taina was very smooth and support was personalized and fast. Our team is super happy with the results.”

Heljä Kokko
SEO Expert & Coach

"Now, it's easy to maintain everything from sales and marketing to operational practices. [...] Working with Taina was a smooth process and my new Notion hub gives me clarity every day.”

"Working with Taina was just amazing. Not only is she a very, very smart, professional person, but also super easy going. And I believe it’s one of her biggest goals to make the life of her clients as easy as possible."

Gretel Niemeyer
Sales Coach

George Chinn
Managing Director, Eagle & Beagle

"Very happy client of Taina’s here - I’ve had a whole business system built by her and it’s changed my business as well as clearing up my personal headspace. She has a knack for understanding and turning the complicated into a simple solution that’s a pleasure to use."

“Taina showed up with empathy and professional background and she was able to proceed revealing diagnostics about what and why things did not work. With her wisdom to connect to my context, her efficiency to ask the right questions and to align the main scope to meet my needs made me confident. And the result displays the value for money of my trust!

Christiane Schicker
Consultant, Coach & Facilitator for Transformation

Relinde Moors
Business Strategist

“We save time, and it's just amazing to store everything from SOP's to client portals to sales pipelines in one place. This is exactly what we needed in order to be able to scale and grow to the next level. I'm happy, team is happy and my clients are happy. What else could I wish for? Taina is a professional, who really listens to the individual needs of the business owner. ”

“ I was shocked to find out that I am actually not as busy as I long thought. There’s work, but I am in control of it. I learned it! And that’s something for a grown-up woman like me. I feel capable, productive, and energized. […] I warmly recommend working with Taina. This journey has been like putting money in the bank and a very empowering experience.”

Niina Kilponen

Jutta Lehtinen
SEO-akatemia Oy CEO & Founder

“This project with Taina remarkably impacted our work, greatly enhancing task management, streamlining processes, and fostering seamless collaboration within our team. Taina's expertise, dedication, and responsiveness made the cooperation truly exceptional."

“Clear teaching, targeted and personalized set up, and rapid pace of progress. We were at a point where organization and systemization was BEYOND necessary. Like, we needed a structure in place two weeks ago.”

Ali Turner

Coach, creator, mentor & founder

Judith Sahling
Empowerment coach

“Taina helped me streamline the processes within an educational company, so that not only the internal workflows move along easier. Next to a better overview of what needs to get done within the company, the interaction with clients is advanced to a new level. Especially the client portals give clients a better overview of the individual work with them. And the company a better understanding of client progress. And Taina is an amazing help in setting this system up according to individual needs!”

“I have loved my experience with Taina! She knew exactly what I needed and provided amazing support throughout our time together.”

Maggie Olson

Business coach, Maggie Lynn Coaching

On the Blog

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100 Ways to Use Notion for Coaches

August 29, 20237 min read

The possibilities of Notion for organizing a coaching business are endless. Here I've gathered 100 examples of how to use Notion for your coaching business. Discover tips on ways to use Notion to streamline working with clients, sales, content creation, tasks & projects, knowledge management, collaborations & networking, team management, processes, and CEO-level things.

Why is Notion a great tool for coaches?

Notion is a great tool for managing a coaching business because it allows for highly customizable organization and productivity. Users can create databases, wikis, calendars, and more, all within a single platform, making it easy to manage client information, sales pipelines, content calendars, and other aspects of a coaching practice. Notion is also highly collaborative, making it easy to work with clients, VAs, team members, and other collaborators. Everything is accessible across desktop and mobile apps. Overall, Notion is a powerful productivity tool for streamlining and optimizing a coaching business's processes.

100 ideas on how to use Notion to organize your coaching business

The possibilities of Notion for organizing a coaching business are endless. Here I've gathered 100 examples of how to use Notion for your coaching business:


  1. Record coaching client information, including contact details, session notes, and journey in your programs.

  2. Provide clients with client portals where they can easily find all information and resources in one place.

  3. Manage client onboarding process inside Notion so that no balls are dropped.

  4. Put together a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and resources for clients.

  5. Use the calendar view to see an overview of coaching sessions and appointments.

  6. Monitor life-time revenue of your clients.

  7. Have a list of upcoming client birthdays to always remember to send your congratulations.

  8. Build your online course in Notion.

  9. Gather feedback form responses.

  10. Save testimonials and other social proof from happy customers.

  11. Build a habit tracker to help clients build new habits and record their progress.

  12. Build a resource library for your clients, including ebooks, videos, and podcasts.

  13. Build a ticketing system, where clients can easily post support requests.

  14. Have clients fill in templates and surveys directly inside Notion.

  15. Use templates to formulate custom thank-you notes and follow-up emails for your coaching practice.

18 ideas for SALES

  1. Visualize your sales pipeline as a Kanban board.

  2. Get a daily list of people due for following up with.

  3. Add DM discussion link to each lead so that you can open the conversation with just one click.

  4. Publish a website that is easy to update.

  5. Create freebie lead magnets that can easily be shared with leads.

  6. Publish landing pages for opt-ins, booking discovery calls, etc.

  7. Document your offers, packages, and pricing.

  8. Use the gallery view to showcase your work and case studies as a portfolio.

  9. Define client avatars and personas to help you better understand your target audience.

  10. Automatically create a sales call record from booked calls.

  11. Analyze your sales KPI and metrics.

  12. Craft custom proposals and contracts for your coaching practice.

  13. Document your coaching practice's past projects and case studies.

  14. Keep track of your referral program and incentives.

  15. Build a library of sales call follow up and other email templates.

  16. Organize all your DM scripts to easily copy and reuse.

  17. Forecast revenue from your sales pipeline.

  18. Automatically add people to your lead tracker from other tools.


  1. Build a content calendar to plan and schedule your social media posts and blog content.

  2. Follow the status of each post in collaboration with your social media manager.

  3. Quickly store content ideas on the go and have them automatically stored in your content library.

  4. Use Notion AI to automatically repurpose old content for new channels.

  5. Automatically create content using Notion AI (check my blog post example)

  6. Use Notion AI to edit and spellcheck all your content.

  7. Use a calendar view to manage your coaching practice's events and webinars.

  8. Organize your branding assets, including logos and fonts.

  9. Log and summarize your social media engagement and analytics.

  10. Organize all your podcast episodes and guests.

  11. Organize all your hashtags for different social media platforms.

12 ideas for TASKS & PROJECTS

  1. Design a weekly plan to keep you on track on what you need to do each day.

  2. Build a project management system to keep all timelines, tasks, and resources organized.

  3. Create automatically filtered views to easily see tasks per priority, assignee, deadline, category, etc.

  4. Get automatic notifications on deadlines and updates.

  5. Plan and track program or course launches.

  6. Manage dependencies between tasks, automatically seeing how schedule changes affect other tasks.

  7. Estimate and plan the capacity of your coaching team week by week.

  8. Build a dashboard where you can see what each of your team members are working on and the status.

  9. Use the calendar view to schedule and monitor deadlines.

  10. Use a template for repeating tasks, such as weekly status reports.

  11. Centralize project-related communication and updates.

  12. Get automatic notifications on deadlines and updates.


  1. Construct a centralized repository for all your documents, notes, and research.

  2. Use a template for meeting minutes, including assigned action items and due dates.

  3. Quickly capture and store web bookmarks.

  4. Quickly capture and store interesting articles you need to read.

  5. Use tags/labels to easily categorize any document.

  6. Use the gallery view to showcase visual assets, such as screenshots or design files.

  7. Build a library of notes you take during online courses and programs.

  8. List books and articles to recommend to clients.

  9. Write your own book and track progress with each chapter.

  10. Document all market research and interviews.

  11. Automatically distill action items and key takeaways from your documents with the help of Notion AI.

  12. Start a company Wiki to make sure important knowledge does not get lost


  1. Structure the process of pitching and preparing for collaborations.

  2. Keep tabs on previous collaborations and results.

  3. Track potential speaking engagements and workshops.

  4. List previous press mentions and media coverage.

  5. Use the calendar view of networking events, such as conferences or meetups.

  6. Craft a template for follow-up emails or messages after networking events or meetings.


  1. Build a team directory of team members' roles, contact information, and skills.

  2. Create a template for team member onboarding, including training materials and checklists.

  3. Keep tabs on the hiring process for new team members including all details like interview notes.

  4. Document team member feedback and performance reviews.

  5. Create a template for team member job descriptions and responsibilities.

  6. Monitor team member availability and vacation days.

  7. Create a team handbook or policies and procedures document.

  8. Set up automated templates to gather weekly updates from team.

  9. Keep tabs on how many hours team members are working through timesheets.

  10. Create a company home page to keep everyone on the same page on key events and updates.

6 ideas for PROCESSES

  1. Set up Notion's integrations and buttons to automate your coaching practice's workflows and processes.

  2. Document all your work instructions in a library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  3. Create a standardized SOP template, ensuring consistency and standardization across the organization.

  4. Embed Loom explainer videos to your SOPs.

  5. Document your coaching practice's policies and procedures.

  6. List frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for each SOP to ensure smooth implementation and execution.

11 ideas for CEO-LEVEL THINGS

  1. Build a dashboard to get an overview of your coaching business's progress and metrics.

  2. Keep track of expenses and income.

  3. Keep tabs on your goals and progress against them.

  4. Document your company vision, purpose, and values.

  5. Use gallery view for a beautiful vision board.

  6. Build a timeline of your coaching practice's history and milestones.

  7. Document your coaching practice's competitors and market research.

  8. Build a database of SWOT analyses and market research to inform strategic decision-making.

  9. Use the Kanban board view to manage strategic initiatives by stage or priority.

  10. Keep yourself healthy and energized by tracking your personal habits.

Learn more: Free Masterclass

I've recorded a free masterclass on how to utilize Notion as an all-in-one management system for your coaches. You can access the free masterclass here.

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Taina Pereenniemi

Taina Pereenniemi specializes in helping coaches and consultants build simple and scalable businesses with custom strategy & done-for-you systems using my proven 4S Method. She has helped over 50 entrepreneurs with their business systems and/or strategy, and previously built a world-leading consulting business around Notion. Equipped with a Masters Degree in business strategy and 10+ years of strategy and 6+ years digital business experience - Taina's not your typical self-taught "follow-me" business coach. When she's not strategizing and streamlining workflows, you can find Taina playing with her two small kids or practicing yoga.

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