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Notion Projects combines flexibility and AI

June 05, 20233 min read

Notion’s newest update: Notion Projects

Notion just dropped a new set of features under its Notion Projects update. This update makes Notion ever more powerful for managing projects from start to finish.

Without a proper all-in-one project management tool, managing all aspects of a project can be painful — having tasks, plans, proposals, meetings, and notes in different tools and documents makes everything overwhelming and inefficient.

But now, with Notion Projects, you can handle your entire project in one place. For instance, strategy docs are linked to project plans, meeting notes are connected to deliverables, and AI takes care of tons of tasks along the way. It keeps your team in the loop with progress updates, action items, and summaries, making collaboration super smooth.

What is included in Notion Projects

Check out what you can expect from the new Notion Projects:

AI autofill

This mind-blowing feature combines the power of Notion AI with databases. It does the heavy lifting by generating summaries, meeting follow-ups, project updates, and more. Say goodbye to wasting time and effort!

Cool new features

You'll find unique IDs for every task, improved project templates and setup, page-level and property-level notifications, better subtasks and dependencies, and the ability to preview Google Drive files and Figma designs. Plus, there's a "My Tasks" tab to keep track of your work.

Upgraded sprint plans

If you're part of a product or engineering team, you're in luck. Notion Projects offers new sprint templates and a streamlined completion workflow. And don't forget the GitHub integrations for tracking tasks and issues.


Notion now has nifty Buttons to automate manual tasks, and the Slack integration keeps your team in the loop. They’re also working on more project workflow automations, so stay tuned for automatic actions based on task status changes.


You can import from Asana, and they're planning to add more importers in the future. So no worries about losing your existing project data.

Learning resources

Notion's got you covered with a comprehensive "Getting started with Notion Projects" course. It'll walk you through implementing these new features and mastering project management in Notion.

Notion brings all your project tools and info together in one place

With Notion Projects, you get the best of both worlds: flexibility and AI magic, all connected in one place. It's not just about better project management; it's about transforming your project experience from chaotic and frustrating to smooth sailing and enjoyable.

Oh, and speaking of AI, did you know Notion is not only an awesome AI writing assistant but also the first project management solution to incorporate AI? The AI Autofill feature extracts all the important info you need, like action items, key risks, and summaries, and keeps them updated as your projects progress. It's available to everyone, and it's just one example of how Notion AI takes your project workflows to the next level.

The future of project management is all about being connected. Notion Projects brings all your project tools and info together in one place, seamlessly integrating them with AI. No more silos or unnecessary hassle. It's all about saving you time and revolutionizing the way you work.

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