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What is a Notion consultant, and where to find the right one for your business?

April 27, 20233 min read

Notion is an excellent tool for building all-in-one workspaces for managing and organizing anything for a small business. As a busy business owner, however, you may struggle to find the time to learn Notion and set up your business systems on it. That is where Notion consultants come in.

In this article, I'll discuss what a Notion consultant is and where you can find one.

3 main ways to build your Notion workspace

There are three main ways of building Notion workspaces: doing it yourself, using ready-made templates, and hiring a Notion consultant.

1. DYI Notion workspace

Anyone who knows Notion’s features can use it to build their workspace from scratch. There are plenty of resources online for learning to use Notion. Then, when you’re well versed in the advanced features of Notion – such as relational databases, rollups, linked database views, database templates, and formulas – you can build a powerful workspace yourself.

Unfortunately, training yourself on the ins and outs of Notion can be very time-consuming, and mastering everything takes a lot of practice. Also, just carving out the time for building everything yourself is often impossible for a busy entrepreneur.

2. Using ready-made templates

There are endless free and paid Notion templates you can use to quickly set up some isolated modules for your workspace, such as a task manager, goal setting, or a lead tracker. Using a template can be a good way to go when you want to set up something quickly and are okay with not having it personalized for your business needs.

The main downsides of using ready-made Notion templates are:

  • First, ready-made templates have not been designed with the unique needs of your business in mind.

  • Combining individual templates not designed to work together will most likely result in a broken data structure – meaning that the different pieces of your system are not talking with each other.

  • If you want to tweak the templates to fit your business better, you may need to spend weeks learning the ins and outs of Notion.

3. Notion consulting

Hiring a Notion consultant can be great if you want to avoid the pains and time-sucks of DYI’ing your Notion workspace or using some ready-made templates.

Hiring a consultant requires a more extensive investment than the other two options but can save you time, headaches, and money in the long run. In addition, a Notion consultant can set your business up for success with Notion right away – so that your team will have a dream workspace perfectly designed for the unique needs of your growing business.

What is a Notion consultant?

Notion consultants are experts who have mastered Notion and can use its features to build powerful custom workspaces for their clients. A handful of consultants, like me, have also validated their Notion skills by becoming officially Notion Certified Consultants.

Typical services provided by Notion consultants include

  • Building custom workspaces

  • Building custom templates

  • Adjusting existing workspaces or templates

  • Operations and systems consulting

  • Providing Notion training

  • Providing Notion support

  • Providing workspace administration

Don’t know what exactly you need? Book a no-pressure free evaluation call, where we can design a custom package for your business.

Where can I find/hire a Notion consultant?

Here are some places were you can find and hire a Notion consultant:

If you need to hire a freelance Notion developer for your project management requirements, you may want to explore a reputable and trustworthy hiring platform. Toptal serves as a platform for expert consultants, engineers, programmers, and developers with expertise in Notion software. Notably, many leading firms and startups choose to collaborate with Toptal freelancers for their critical Notion development initiatives.

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Taina Pereenniemi

Taina Pereenniemi specializes in helping coaches and consultants build simple and scalable businesses with custom strategy & done-for-you systems using my proven 4S Method. She has helped over 50 entrepreneurs with their business systems and/or strategy, and previously built a world-leading consulting business around Notion. Equipped with a Masters Degree in business strategy and 10+ years of strategy and 6+ years digital business experience - Taina's not your typical self-taught "follow-me" business coach. When she's not strategizing and streamlining workflows, you can find Taina playing with her two small kids or practicing yoga.

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