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How Notion’s Teamspaces is a must for teams

December 02, 20222 min read

For teams, change is inevitable. Whether it’s a team of ten or a team of a thousand, teams always evolve, especially in how they get things done. To be able to adapt quickly to these constant changes, teams must always have a tool at their disposal —a single tool to keep everything organized for everyone.

Team members using different tools might not be the best since it keeps every one of the team out of the loop or always in search of missing contexts. It does not only disrupt efficiency, but it also wastes valuable time.

What is Notion’s Teamspaces?

An all-in-one workspace, like Notion, is a great solution to always get everyone on the same page. Its modular building blocks can be used to create workspaces for everyone to collaborate on.

Notion just released one of the biggest updates yet, Teamspaces.

Companies, especially small ones, grow quickly and keeping up with it will be difficult if company information is scattered across multiple sources. But with Teamspaces, companies and teams of all sizes can use a single Notion workspace to keep every team informed and organized.

What makes it unique is its set of features which include Teamspaces with configurable custom permissions, membership, and security settings —meeting the needs of a fast, growing company like yours. Employees, therefore, can view company information in a more organized way; receive status updates; easily find context via a faster search experience, and join and leave Teamspaces based on their roles and responsibilities.

Everything’s in your control

Of course, besides the teams and employees, the people that create, maintain, and ensure everyone’s access to Teamspaces will also benefit from this update. Several features await them.

  • Membership admin and workspace roles ensure an appropriate level of access of employees to the security settings and billing.

  • Workspace owners can customize who can add Notion instances using their verified domain.

  • Workspace owners can re-assign content when employees leave the company.

  • Workspace owners can enjoy upcoming admin tools such as workspace analytics, more powerful domain management, and much more.

The Teamspaces feature is available now for teams.

You can read more about this new feature on Notion’s blog here.

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Taina Pereenniemi

Taina Pereenniemi is the Founder & CEO of the #1 5-Star Rated Notion Certified Agency world-wide. She and her team of certified consultants help businesses organize their team, work and information in one place on Notion, so that they can scale without feeling overwhelmed. Book a free discovery call here:

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