Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and reclaim your time?

Harness the power of productivity systems and technology to become an effective business owner

Is your business making you feel overwhelmed instead of empowered?

Do any of these ring true to you?
  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed out by ALL the things you should do
  • Your task list just keeps growing – no matter how hard you try to catch up
  • You keep jumping from one project and task to another, not knowing what to prioritize
  • You struggle to keep your business structured and organized
  • Instead of achieving the success and freedom you dream of, you’re burning yourself out in constant hustle mode

You've come to the right place.

Have we met?

I'm Taina.

I am a Finnish productivity systems strategist who helps female online entrepreneurs ditch the overwhelm and reclaim their time with tech-powered productivity systems.

I have previously built a corporate career in strategy and business development – building and running strategy and business processes for large and global companies. Instead of pretty paper planners and productivity “hacks”, I blend corporate-grade best practices with powerful tech tools to create coherent and effective productivity systems.

When I’m not nerding out with the latest Kanban tool, you can find me playing with my two small children or practicing yoga.

What I believe in

Principle #1

Productivity is the most foundational business skill

If there’s one thing you can be sure of as a business owner, it is that you’re never going to have more than 24 hours in your day.

You have unique skills and offerings you want to serve your customers. But unless you set the right goals, get organized, and prioritize your time and tasks appropriately, you’re going to waste a lot of time hustling without success.

Your ability to build a business that brings you the success and freedom you’re looking for boils down to your ability to manage the precious time you have productively.


Systems bring freedom

One of the reasons you set out on your entrepreneurial journey was achieving freedom and being your own boss. However, instead of achieving that freedom, you may feel trapped in a hamster wheel of hustle and overwhelm.

Chaos and overwhelm are symptoms of not having established effective and coherent productivity systems. They are not something you can fix by testing out a couple of random “productivity hacks”.

To take the driver’s seat of your business as a calm and effective CEO, you need systems that enable you to invest your time effectively in the right activities. This allows you to achieve more in fewer hours – bringing you the freedom you long for.


The most effective productivity systems make use of technology

If you’ve ever searched for ways to be more productive, chances are you’ve been advised to buy some pretty paper planner or download some printable pdf template to plan your perfect week.

2020’s anyone? If you’re not using paper mail to keep in touch with your audience, why would you still use paper planners to manage your tasks and calendar? With the variety of modern tech tools available for organizing work and managing tasks, antiquated paper-based methods simply pale in comparison.

Modern tech tools offer unparalleled flexibility, security, automation, portability, and collaboration. Harnessing the power of such tools to effectively manage your work and priorities is key for becoming a productive online business owner.

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